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Male Mannequins Blouse\Dress Form with Mannequin Stand and Neck Block

Details & Features:

The actual torso is made from thick plastic and is covered with black material.

The stand for the plastic mannequin is adjustable up to 5 1/2 feet, Assembles & Disassembles easily and is of High Quality!

Plastic Mannequin Measurements:

Height: 26 1/2 Inches.

Width: 17 Inches from shoulder to shoulder.

Bust: 36 Inches.

Waist: 32 Inches.

Rental: Weekly Rate $35.00
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Assembly Instructions: 

Male/Female Stand Parts

Stand pole

Stand Pole


base neckblockNeck Block

dress form

Dress Form

shaftThreaded Shaft


knob Height Adjustment Knob

Please check the box and packing carefully as small parts are wrapped in the packing material.All the parts listed should be included and are necessary for assembly.Steel pieces will be shipped wrapped along the dress form in brown paper please do not discard paper until you have located all hardware.


The Stand pole screws into the base and must be secured tightly to ensure a firm stand.

The height adjustment knob must be forced into the stand pole using a non-marring tool like a mallet.Please do not use a hammer or metal object.The hole has been drilled alittle smaller and thefore force is necessary.It will be a tight fit.



The threaded shaft screws onto the dress form underneath using either of two option.Center screw for normal stand or side for use as slacks stand.

steel pcs options


The neck sits freely on top of the dress form block





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